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Help preserve our ancestory! Spectacular Links:

Gulf Coast Genealogical Society Website's SSDI (Social Security Death Index) -
Family History Center(LDS):
Family Search Genealogy Tips: - International and Passenger Records, Census, and anything Genealogy
Harrold's Genealogy Links: Harrold's Genealogy Links
Basic Software Links for Genealogists:

East Baton Rouge Public Library - Baton Rouge's premier local library
Nola/Louisiana Ancestors-Family Tree: (New Orleans)
Campagnie des Indes Archives - find descendents/people who sailed from France to la Louisiane on ships of the Compagnie des Indes.
Louisiana State Museum Historical Center -

The USGenWeb Project
The WorldGenWeb Project
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
International Internet Genealogical Society

Cyndi�s List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
The Free Births, Marriages and Deaths Project
Eastman's Online Genealogy: Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

FamilyTree Maker
The USGW Census Project
Heritage Quest and Excite@Home
Where to write for vital records
Free Stuff Genealogy Research

GeneaNet Http://


Family History Research Links:

Genealogy 101 Tips for Beginners & Free forms
FamilySearch (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
Ellis Island (The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation)
American Immigrant Wall of Honor at Ellis Island
1880 Census - free details for researching 1880 census records
1900 Census - free details for researching 1900 census records
1930 Census - free details for researching 1930 census records
1940 Census - free details for researching 1940 census records

Vital Records tips at The Family History Zone
New York Passenger Lists, detail about the Port of NY (One Step Search - including 1940 census)
Genealogy Books (Google Your Family Tree)
Genealogy Forms (Free Downloadable Charts & Forms)
APG (Association of Professional Genealogists)
Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter (by Dick Eastman)
Internet Genealogy (from the publishers of Family Chronicle)

2.  Genealogy Web Sites:

50 State Archives Referral List (GA. Dep't. of Archives & History)
alt.genealogy UseNet Newsgroup [Changes Frequently, Read/Post Often]
American Indian Sites - 'World Tree' Name Searches
US Social Security Death Index (
US Social Security Death Index Search Engine (rootsweb) (61+ million)'s Main Search Page, Details Found are Free  or by Paid Subscription 
Ancestory Connections - Links Indexed by Surnames & Award Winners by State, Country
Animation: Compare dates by US Counties forming westward - 1650-Present, 'Twas different
Animation: Compare dates by US 48 States forming westward - 1650-Present, a lot different.
AT&T - Resources, 'How To...', Advice, Survey, E.G.s, Forms & Aids, Links

BaiCon's Surnames of Kentucky - Genealogy & Tools Links - Chat - Search Engines
Robert Bickham's Family & Genealogy & Databases & 26 Tips & Graphics Links
Black Sheep Society of Genealogists (IBSSG); ...dastardly, infamous, or of ill-repute & Links
Debra Boswell's "Genealogy At Poohs" - Help, Tutors, Links

James Canada's Genealogy Page [IVC,ROP,PC Class 98/99]
Cane Creek Monthly Genealogy Research: Timeline, Photos, Quaker Links
Celtic Heritage Newsletter (tripod)
Johni Cerny's Family Tutor for Basic Genealogy Records
Children's Online Privacy Protection - Find a classmates, people and friends
Clan Macrae Online Genealogy Links & Main Web Page, Scotland,,UK
Cyndi's 'H' Surnames & Look-Up Table & Site Index & Links Being Added
Mark & Cyndi's Genealogy Library - Index, Sources, Publishers, Book Searches US & UK
Cherokee by Blood - American Indian Searches, Story Histories - Links
Churchyard's The genealogically weirdest situation ever [added 26Feb99]

Dave's Root Cellar - Genealogy Start Point-Links-Search Engines
Dr. Barbara Denny George's Genealogy & On-Line Classes
Douglas G. Detling's Family & Genealogy Links
Digiflux Photo Restoration (has brief tutor re emailing pictures) new item ani gif
Bert Doorn's Genealogy Web Rings, Links, Byford, Serpentine/Jarrahdal Shire, AU

Edenfield Genealogical Society, Links & Resources, Warner Robins, GA, US
Emigration Records to US., CA & AU; 1635-1891, Public Records Office, N. Ireland
Gene Macintosh Genealogy Software by Diana & David Eppstein [bio-graph]
England & Wales, Civil Registrion Index - Births, Deaths, Marriages by FreeBMD
Everton Maps, county maps by state; state icons & genealogy sites; index
Everton Publishers Genealogical Helper - Links, Logan,,UT,US & Name Searches
European, USSR, US/CA, Latin & S0.Amer., AU, World GenWeb, GenRing Links
Excite's Genealogy Links & Resources Page

Family History Centers & Library Sources, Salt Lake City, UT,,US
Family Search Internet Service (LDS)
Family Tree Maker's Automatic Search & E-mail re New Family Info on the Net"
Family Tree Maker's Searches + Useful Links
Ferretsoft's Downloads Help You Find Email Addresses, Phone #s, Web Searches, Info, & Files

Gathering of the Clans - Scottish Oriented Genealogy Resources & Surnames & More
Gathering of the Irish - Irish Oriented Genealogy Resources & Surnames
Genealogy's Most Wanted
Brigham Young U, Roots-L, World Wide List Addresses, Phone #s
FEEFHS's Top Genealogy Search Engines & Search" & Master List  
Forsyth County, North Carolina, Genealogy Databases [US, NC, 11 Other Counties] NC, US
Christine Gaunt & John Fuller's Genealogy Resources & Email
GeneaNet - Indexing All Genealogical Resources on/off the Internet [multi-lingual] 
Guildhall Library, Sources (from 1500's) - Marriage License Records, London/Middlesex, UK

Harrold's Student-Teacher Links
Henry Churchyard's - Royal Genealogies Index [A-to-Z][UK]
Herman de Wit's Online PAX, Dutch & Belgian BBSes
Historical Research Center Genealogy Links

I Found It - Genealogy Search Engine-Directory, Indices
International Internet Genealogical Society, 82 Resource Sites
Illinois (state) Genealogy Links
Iredell County Surnames [USGenWeb], North Carolina, US - Links  
Jan Bunten's Electric Roots & Revolutionary & Colonial & Genealogy & New England Links  
Hinton's Cemeteries of South, Illinois, Photos, Some Bio-Data, 500+Names
Namebase - A database of 80K +/- names..people..groups in..Intelligence & Political Activism
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
International Internet Genealogical Society Newsletter

Janyce's Root Dig, 1500+ Genealogy Links &: Other Tools & Information
Jewish Genealogy & JewishGen Family Finder & Quick Guide & FAQ
Journal of On-Line Genealogy - What is New Home Page
Juno's - Genealogy & Surnames Links
Just Black & White-Genealogy Links & Photo & Doc Preservation Tips & Restore & Enhance

Jeff La Marca's - Sicilian Surnames Registry & USGenRing Links
Joanne Rabun's - Genealogy & Links & Sayings, Word/Phrase Origins & Folk Etymologies Public People/Business Records, Background Checks, Some Free  Most Fee Basis 

Langenberg - Reverse Searches & deceased SSN/SOC  (people, telephone, portal)
Lakewood, OH,, US Library's Ready References indexed by the Dewey Decimal System (useful)
Terri Lamb's 'The Mining Co.' Guide to Genealogy - Searches, Links, Other Resources
Langford's ports, country, isle, state 'Ship & Passenger' & Ships 1538-1825 Lists & Names Index
Le Centre de g�n�alogie francophone d'Am�rique [Translate with BabelFish] & Email
Louisiana Division/City Archives Photograph Collection:  Search for Photographs in New Orleans/Louisiana
Lineages' Genealogy 'How to...', Trees, Searches [US, CA, FR & other European] & Ref. Library
LinkMonster - Genealogy Pages Links List [big +/- 500kb]
Lycos Genealogy Research & Clubs & More Links
Lycos.Family Tree - Genealogy Search Engine for Finding Your Ancestors

Marylyn Letson's Genealogy Links, Cherokee & Native American, Home Page,,TN, US
Military Brats Registry
51st Virginia Infantry Regiment, C.S.A.; Mary Jo Loyd's Genealogy Page & Links & Email
Pam Middleton-Lee Genealogy Resources [interesting]
Mechling Assoc. Harrold Zion Lutheran Church Records 1772-Recent,Westmoreland Co.,PA,US
Mormon Family History Centers by State; Genealogy 'How To...; & Reference Links
Morticians, National Directory Of; Documents Sources
My - Create Your Own Family Tree Web Site (free)
Multi-Map, Search/Map Locations World/Wide site
NARA Genealogy Page [CIA/EDRC] & Links
NARA Index of Family Research Records, US Gov.
National Genealogical Society's NetGuide - Worldwide List Of Genealogy Resources
NewWho's Genealogy Indices & Surname Search
North American Indian & Indigenous People Genealogy/History BBS & Search Links [many]

Overseas Brats Online - Schools, Alumni, Search For, Register, Famous, Links

People & Genealogy Search Engines Links List
Quaker Roots-Links
The Quaker Corner - Our Quaker Heritage - Quaker Surnames & Heritage
QuestFinder FFAL Genealogy Links

RDL FFAL Genealogy Links & Site Search
Research Aids for the Family Historian
RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative & GenConnect Boards
Rootsweb for Newbies & Help Desk and FAQ & 7Jan99 Newsletter
Radio Show On The Net, Family History (radio, audio)
Randy Treadway's - Alphabetized Index of An Interesting Variety of Resources, e.g. Adoptees
Randy Wilson's - Genealogy Link Collection
Royal & Noble Genealogical Data on the Web [Britain/UK, Europe, Other Nations' Royals, Links]

Sabina J. Murray's - Deciphering Old Handwriting
Saint (St.) Elfgifu's Genealogy, circa 944 [Royal, UK]
Scottish or  Irish Links
Scrapbooking - A great resouce for scrapbooking ideas, scrapbook poems, free scrapbook pages, free scrapbook downloads, and more!
Snap's Crime-Fighters' Indices, federal, state, private [search links]
Snap's Genealogy Categorized Indices [Variety]
Snap's Genealogy Categories & Research Sources & Surnames Index
Surname Guide to Genealogy Websites on the WWW (6500+) & the
Surnames - What's in A Name? History & Origins & E - H Listings

Teschek's - Orkney Islands [Scotland] Harrold Genealogy Pages & The GENUKI Project
Treasure Maps 'How-to' Genealogy, US Census, Newsletter (links)

Royal House of Serbia & Yugoslavia - Family, News & Links (Royal)
Tripod's - Free Homepage & Page Builder, Genealogy 'Pod', Monthly News Letters

US GenWeb & Alternate & the World GenWeb
USGENWEB List of US Counties, Genealogy Links
U.S. Presidents, Genealogy

Verify SOC/SSN #, Deaths [origin?, webmaster?]
Volunteers Can Search Family Tree CD-Roms

WebCrawler Index of Genealogy Resources
What is New on the WWW - Genealogy Pages, Add Your URL [hundreds links]
World Music:RootsWorld:Real Music:ReelWorld:Folk Music (radio, audio)

Yahoo's Genealogy Links Index

ZDTV's 8 Basics Steps to Tracing Your Family Tree (Lisa Lynn Dugan) + Online 'Video, How To...'

Reference sites and info

  1. Need Acronyms, Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Encyclopedias, Online Books, and References?
    Acronyms - Search Automatically Dictionaries, Glossaries, Search Engines
    Dictionary - Mike Ellis' Slang Language by City & Slang Contest For Free Book Copy
    Purdue's Dictionaries, Thesauri, Acronyms & Encyclopedias Links
    Dictionary - Research It (& translate/anagrams/acronyms)
    Dictionaries, Specialized: Robert Beard, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA,US
    Dictionary - Library Reference Sources
    Dictionary - Merriam-Webster & Thesaurus & Brief History of English - More Language Resources
    Dictionary - hypertext Webster interface - portal to dictionary services on the net
    Dictionary - One Look's Search of Online Dictionaries
    Encyclop�dia - Britannica Online Limited Edition   �
    Encyclopedia - Langenberg's Searches (portal)
    Encyclopedia - Microsoft Encarta, Free Online Concise
    Encyclopedia - Zolex's Searches (15) (portal)

    3. Libraries and Online References

Census Bureau, U.S. & Searches:   Top Level
Berlin, DE - Central & Regional Library (english)
British Library - Reference & Document Supply Collection
Central Intelligence Agency Electronic Document Collection Center Links & Alternative Sources
CIA Electronic Document Release Center Search & A 'Harvest' Search
CIA World Facts Book (1998) & Kids Page
Counties List, US, Search - Maps - Lon/Lat - US Census Links
Electric Library of Canada (search [ Help ] by source types and/or by subject)
File, Application, MIME Types & Extensions (DOS, MAC, Win3.xx/9.xx, NT)
File, Extensions Search Engine. 1400+ (Kresch's)
Internet Public Library World Libraries - Reference - Librarian Services (extensive)
Library Catalogs - Americas ~ Europe/Middle East ~ Asia, Pacific, South Africa ~ Search   (Hytelnet)
Loma Linda, CA Library - Online Health, Gov't Research Sources - More Online California Library Catalogs
Nations Online - Official Government, Citys, Rails, Air sites (One World)
Purdue's THOR - 'The Virtual Reference Desk'

Quotations - Be More Creative's 10,000+
Translate - English to: Japanese, pan-European, Portuguese & Hebrew (NY Times, D/L, time limited)
Units Conversion Online (author: Lawrence Goetz)

4. Tutorials and Languages/Linguas:

   Online Interactive English Language School
   English Tutors, Immigration Aids & Mr. Dictionary   (English)  -  Dictionary Types Indexed
   Translation Dictionaries, Indexed Alphabetically   (online translations)  

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