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Gulf Coast Genealogical Society is still an integral part of CCUG-PC's history. The SBGS's complete bound set of its Genealogy books is available at the Nunez Community College Library. Below is the link!

L'Heritage at Nunez CC

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CCUG-PC Board of Directors
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Sue Wessing, (VP)
(L-R Standing)-Bob Faucheux, (Member Representative), Jerry (President/Founder), Sheila McElroy
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Harry Cancienne (Treasurer).

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Welcome to CCUG-PC!

Recent News!
Meetings are held at:

ST. Tammany Public Library in Slidell
555 Robert Blvd. - (985-646-6470)

Upcoming Meeting Date:

SATURDAY, October 18, 2014

The next presentation of CCUG-PC will be held in on October, 18, 2014 at 10:30 am - Noon. It previously had been postponed due to Slidell Library Meeting Room renovations previously

SATURDAY, November 16, 2013

The last meeting program was held on November, 2013 and was entitled, "Alternatives to Landline Telephone Providers." and its speaker was Ray Paternostro Jr.

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On Saturday, November 16, CCUG-PC had its general meeting. The member-speaker was
Ray Paternostro. His presentation was entitled: "An Alternative to Telephone Landlines."

Ray says that "for many years the local telephone providers and more recently, the cable companies have enjoyed monopolies for the telecommunications landline market. In recent years, these companies have seen their customer base for landlines shrink considerably as more people are choosing to rely on their cell phones as their primary means
of communication. Further competition for landline service is now in the form of Voice Over IP providers, companies that can provide landline phone service over broadband internet connections.

VOIP providers have many advantages over traditional phone companies, the biggest of which is the pricing for service. They do have some very significant disadvantages which will be highlighted, along with some differences between the most popular providers."

In his demonstration Ray Paternostro's PowerPoint presentation (which you can download here) gave a brief history of telephones and its everyday usage. He explained how "legal abuses" were allegedly committed in rentals, Touchtone fees, and service requirements and therefore was speaking this day to show members how to use alternative ways to go beyond what is offered landline customers. Some of his advice was to incorporate adapters, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phones and devices to save huge bucks on
telephone services and purchased units.

He also went into detail about the advantages of using "non-landline" vs. landline providers. Ray discussed equipment which could be purchased as low as $140 plus fees of $0 to $30 a month in lieu of escalating costs of rentals and phone services. In the discussion, Ray said that members could buy adapters from companies such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Straighttalk and others to use with landline phones *such as Xlink, Cobraphone Lynx or with the use of built-in Bluetooth which can work greatly for customers around the home.

When asked what service he had/would use it was no contest for him. It was a service called OOMA, which resembles an answering machine, and can be used wirelessly or with Bluetooth. OMMA offers Basic or Premier service (Basic is free plus taxes/fees while Premier adds $10 to basic).

Many other solutions and alternatives to costly fees and services as well as equipment and hot links to many issues and help is available on
CCUG-PC's website ( as well as his presentation as a PowerPoint presentation link for downloading.

Ray finished out his outstanding presentation with Q & A from the audience and was moderated by Jerry M.

After the meeting, Jerry (assisted by Sue Wessing and Harry Cancienne) drew names in the prize-drawing giveaways in which Sue Wessing won a Microsoft Documents, Presentations and Workbooks manual and a half-dozen members walked away from the meeting with a mouse pad, a walker's water container, a MS Phone T-Shirt and other books on computer-related solutions.

This November meeting was enjoyed by all and afterwards members met socially to dine at Vera's Seafood Restaurant to discuss (what else?) -- Technology and computers!


Past Meeting:

August 17, 2013





















Introduction to Tablet Technology

Interested in buying or knowing more about Tablet Technology? Jerry M. gave an interesting and informative presentation at our latest meeting.

Jerry talked about briefly about the changes in the computer world in the 23 years since he started the user group.  We’ve gone from game consoles, to desktops, to laptops and now more mobile tablets.

Mobility, ease of use, convenience and portability were all mentioned as pluses of this technology.  You can browse the Internet, read email, read e-books, play games and view and download videos, all in the comfort of your sofa or recliner!

He pointed out 4 common types of tablets. The Slate, which is similar to writing on a slate.  Touch technology provides ease of use. Some come with a keyboard option or USB connection.

The Convertible tablet has a pivot screen with a keyboard and stylus.

The Booklet type has dual screen displays, front and back.  The Hybrid tablet can be convertible or slate when the keyboard is removed.

He next showed the benefits and drawbacks of tablets vs laptops. Should this be a replacement or extension of your desktop or laptop. These are very much like a Smart phone, which works with your homes network or cellular 3 or 4G service.

These machines don’t have DVD drives, but can be backed up on the cloud or USB. Prices range from $250 to over $1500 depending on features. There are Android and IOS (Apple) operating systems. The Windows tablets are moving quickly into the marketplace also.

Desktops and Laptops are still preferred for desktop publishing and other functions.

Jerry then switched from the laptop to the ASUS that was gifted to him by his daughter.  He showed many apps that the tablet can do from Games, to Google earth, iHeart Radio, Skype or Tango video conferencing, Facebook groups.  These machines have voice activated capabilities which you can talk to text or do the many apps, just like your Smart phones!

My daughter started using one last year and loves it.  She travels and can easily work from it without carrying a heavy laptop to her conferences and continuing education classes.  She currently has it on vacation and is sending pictures back through Facebook and email,  a much easier device to travel with. Jerry mentioned going online with his headphones while overseeing his grandchild watching their favorite TV show. 

Many prizes were given out to members and guests. The major prizes were a book on MS Office 2010 won by Carolyn Wagner, and Office 2010 inside Out won by always lucky Garland Hilton.

--Sue Wessing

Intro to Tablet Technology Presentation


Ed.  Also group members can expect the group's issue of Newsbits (Electronically PDF format) to be sent to members prior to the meeting with details.


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Map of the Slidell Branch


Photograph of the Slidell Branch
St. Tammany Public Library
555 Robert Blvd - in Slidell, LA

Driving Directions to CCUG-PC Meeting:

Coming east from Mississippi the quickest route is exiting off I-10 on Gause Blvd/Hwy 190(right turn) then proceed west on Gause Blvd. to Robert Blvd.  (Textron and Slidell Memorial at that corner of Robert Blvd. which intersects Gause Blvd. You will see Slidell Memorial Hospital on the left and Textron on the Right. Turn right at the fenced Textron and go two more traffic lights, library is on left just after the second traffic signal Intersection of Robert and North Blvd/Audubon Blvd. (both streets meet at Robert Blvd.)
From west or the Covington area you can exit I-12 Exit 83 (Hwy 11/Pearl River Exit), turn right onto Hwy 11 (Front St), then turn left at next traffic light (North Blvd.) Follow winding street to Robert Blvd. The Library is on the left (behind the trees).  There is construction going on at the I-12 intersection.
From New Orleans get off Gause/Hwy 190 west exit (left).  Follow along until Robert Blvd as above.

Meetings area always followed with members/guests meeting afterwards for lunch. For more information, please contact Jerry at RSVP is preferred to seat properly and cost is at the expense of members who wish luncheon accommodations.

Always lots of info, computer technology and
Q & A to stimulate the most challenged of computing minds!


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