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Gulf Coast Genealogical Society is still an integral part of CCUG-PC's history. The SBGS's complete bound set of its Genealogy books is available at the Nunez Community College Library. Below is the link!

L'Heritage at Nunez CC

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From Windows to web design, Computers to Creative Suite, Office to Outlook, and everything in-between, For Dummies has a book for all your computing needs! Members can now get a discount on Dummies Books! Check your newsletter for details!
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Welcome to CCUG-PC!

Recent News!
Meetings are held at:

St. Tammany Public Library in Slidell
555 Robert Blvd. 

Upcoming Meeting:
Saturday May 25th 2019
"Cloud  Storage"

Cloud storage

Ray Paternostro, speaker, will explain what cloud storage is, how it compares to local storage, and how to use it effectively. The offerings of Google and Microsoft will be demonstrated and questions from the audience will be answered. Be sure to set your calendar. It's "getting near closin' time!"


Past Meeting Date was held on:
November 17, 2018

Ray Paternostro

Jerry warms up the room by asking who has some new technology. Eager members are always glad to share their new finds.
A few of the members asked about their computer problems for the group to contribute suggestions of solutions. Q & A were continued after the presentation.

Jerry then introduced Ray Paternostro who demonstrated benefits of the Amazon Prime subscription. About 30% of members subscribe to the service.
Along with free 2 day delivery are many other benefits of the $120 per year subscription. Monthly options are also available.

Ray setup his Amazon Fire TV Stick with the projection system. The TV Stick simply plugs in the HDMI port of your TV. Change your HDMI settings and you’re ready to go.

Other benefits to the subscription include: Prime Shipping Delivery, Prime Music/songs & Video/Channels, and much more.

Ray also showed Amazon Alexa voice capabilities. I personally use mine for listening to HD radio stations. (The Food Show on WWL HD2) instead of having to buy a separate radio. You can also listen online on your computer or tablet.

I also use prime video to view Netflix subscription on an older TV. Many people are cutting the cable with Prime and HDTV Antennas. The following site can show you available channels in your area. .

Prizes were won by Buster Matthews (Facebook for Dummies Book) and Sue Wessing (Microsoft ARC mouse). Many members enjoyed a lunch at Vera’s Seafood after the meeting to further discuss their computers!

Ed.  Also group members can expect the group's issue of Newsbits (Electronically PDF format) to be sent to members prior to the meeting with details.
There's also an online presence, (since 1997) of activity for this time will be available on FACEBOOK, headed by Buster Matthews.
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