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Gulf Coast Genealogical Society is still an integral part of CCUG-PC's history. The SBGS's complete bound set of its Genealogy books is available at the Nunez Community College Library. Below is the link!

L'Heritage at Nunez CC

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CCUG-PC Board of Directors
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(L-R Seated)-Laura Brunies (Secretary), Margaret Wynn, (Membership Secretary),
Sue Wessing, (VP)
(L-R Standing)-Bob Faucheux, (Member Representative), Jerry (President/Founder), Sheila McElroy
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Harry Cancienne (Treasurer).

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Welcome to CCUG-PC!

Recent News!
Meetings are held at:

St. Tammany Public Library in Slidell 555 Robert Blvd. - (985-646-6470)

Upcoming Meeting Date:

Stump the Experts
May 5, 2018

Looking to have a little fun with the "Experts" at CCUG-PC? Bring along your best questions, your dilemmas or if you just want to stump the Experts into more research, go ahead. You'll enjoy the great time as usual at our ever popular "Stump the Experts" in May! Please make Plans to attend! Thank you!
Stump the Experts!

Past Meeting Date was held on:
Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017 - 10:30 AM

The November meeting presentation was entitled "Electronic-Technology Safety from Power Surges, Spikes and Failures!"

The meeting started a bit late due to the High Rise Bridge in New Orleans being damaged by a fire and closed down from 3 lanes to 1 lane eastbound to Slidell. Ray Was caught in that traffic jam.

Jerry opened the meeting with a pledge to our flag and by asking members their Thanksgiving plans.

Both Jerry and Ray experienced lighting strike surges to their homes this year, which led to today’s presentation.

Discussions were of different types of equipment and updates to older equipment to lessen or eliminate surges and spikes of power. Filing Insurance claims for these losses were also discussed. Unplugging devices if going on vacation or during heavy weather was suggested. Uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) and surge protectors were examined.

Takeaways from this meeting:

* Itemize and photograph your household possessions including model numbers. (This helped me greatly after losing everything in Hurricane Katrina flooding with claims)
* Check coverage on your homeowners insurance.

* Invest in UPS, surge protectors on all electronic equipment.

Door Prizes won were a USB San Disk by Jerry Artigue, Windows 8 for Dummies book by Janet Fouret, Sweatshirt by Lance Castellanos. Several other prizes were given.

Ray Paternostro, CCUG-PC

Ray Paternostro, CCUG-PC Tech Specialist!

Past Presentation on
May 13, 2017

Facebookin' It!

Jerry began the meeting with a pledge to the now missing library flag. He wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and for LSU to win their game today.

He said people are using the Internet to seek answers and many times they are overwhelmed by the answers. Sites like Wikipedia have gone online, but are lacking documentation of their sources. A computer user group is always a good way to find answers.

He then introduced Harry Cancienne, Ray Paternostro and Sue Wessing as our “experts/advanced users”. They each have many years of computer experience in many fields.

Members wrote their questions on cards for the panel to try to answer.
Some of the topics fielded were:

Using YouTube downloader (available from C-Net and others), to capture help videos to your computer.

Wireless phone users not able to use their phone when Internet was out (turn off wifi settings on the phone to use 3G or 4G service.

Buying flash drives (USB) 3.0 (backwards compatible) vs 2.0 (slower).
Digitizing photos with a flatbed scanner, and editing them with free programs such as irfanview. (

Types and sizes of flatbed scanners vs all in one machines. Larger flatbeds are better for photos and articles of many sizes. Even black and white laser scanners scan to save the file in color. HP printers and scanners were by far the most used by members.

How to hook up a Mac or iPad to a hdmi monitor or tv, which called for mini pro to hdmi adapter.

PCs can hook up using hdmi cables from your computer to the Smart TV/monitor.

Mac book pro can use versions of Chrome and Firefox browsers. 

1. Image file (which can be used to restore your files and software, all on your same computer)
2. Backing up files on external drives
3. Backing up files on flash/usb drives, they now come in 1 terabyte sizes.
4. Backing up on DVDS’s
5. Backing up to a Cloud service
6. Keeping backups in several locations away from home or office. 

Prizes of instructional books and a “Microsoft Arc Mouse” were won by Rose Penney, Harry Cancienne and Carolyn Wagner. ***


Ed.  Also group members can expect the group's issue of Newsbits (Electronically PDF format) to be sent to members prior to the meeting with details.


There's also an online presence, (since 1997) of activity for this time will be available on FACEBOOK, headed by Buster Matthews.
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